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Concrete Doors and Vaults (Pty) Ltd

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Anti-theft/vandalism products

Platform Door, Single L Door, Double L Door, Slide Out Door, Swing Door, Retro Door

Screw Lid Vault, Slide Door Vault, Borehole Vault, Mast Vault, Gate-Motor Vault

Screw Lid, Hand-Lift Lid, Seat & Hand Lid, Roll-Open Lid, Roof-Slab & Hand Lid, Sliding Lid

Panel-Vent, Swivel Venturi Vent, Enclosed Venturi Vent

If you require assistance with securing your assets/equipment from theft & vandalism please contact Dr Nicholas Papenfus on

 082-416 8958  or  email  nicholas@damsforafrica.com




High strength Concrete Vaults Anti-vandalism Concrete Doors

Concrete Doors and Vaults manufacture and install innovative products that offer extreme protection against theft/vandalism of pump stations, valve chambers, transformers, boreholes, sub-stations, etc.

Durable Concrete Lids


Concrete Vents for Pump House ventilation

We have sliding concrete doors to protect pump houses/stations, electrical sub-stations, and generator rooms from vandals, burglars and thieves. In addition we have concrete lids that open by screwing-up, sliding sideways, and rotating over to secure valve chambers. We also have vaults that protect boreholes and stand-alone electrical control panels, eg. cathodic protection control panels. We also have concrete vents for cooling generator and transformer rooms. We have recently developed high concrete masts with steel cladding, to elevate transformers and solar panels beyond the reach of vandals. These products can all be customised to the required size.

These products are made from 60 MPa concrete incorporating up to 17% steel reinforcing bars (by mass) that are so closely spaced so as to make the products  essentially chisel proof.

Our products have extremely robust locking mechanisms to render them substantially burglar/vandal/theft proof.

All mechanical components are essentially maintenance free and are made either from stainless steel or are hot-dipped galvanised, resulting in minimal corrosion even in aggressive environments.